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Related post: Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 20:05:56 -0700 (PDT) From: Jeff Spencer Subject: Queer Factor, Part 4 (t/t, oral, anal)This is a completely fictional story of sex free kid bbs among teenage males and under aged boys. If you're not supposed to be reading, because you're too nn young girl bbs young, or it's illegal where you are, then don't read it. Please make a donation to the free board asian bbs links that posted this, too. This story, like all of my stories, incest bbs forum is copyrighted, and wholly my property. Stories by Jeff Spencer can be found at, at the "Prolific Internet Authors" page, under the name, Jeffspencer. Any use other than personal must be preceded by a grant of permission for use. If you enjoy this story, please nn teen bbs drop me a line at to let me bbs list nude know. All letters are answered!==========================================I found myself, at the end of Part nice grils bbs 3, waking the next morning after a night of wild sex with someone bbs xxx passes unknown, though I was pretty certain it was my best friend Bobby. guestbook russia young bbs The remembrance of his cum shooting in my mouth and on my face, and of my own jizz filling his tight, gripping ass hole balanced the slight soreness I was feeling. How would it affect how I did in the finals of this gay challenge I was completing today, I wondered.More important than hard bbs that, however, was the fact child photo models bbs that I seemed to be coming to grips with the idea that I was gay, or at least bi. Two days before, the thought would have never crossed my mind. I was a successful college lacrosse player, handsome and muscular, fighting off chicks - now I couldn't get bald pussy bbs my mind off my best friend's cute little ass, and his hard cock, not to mention the woody I popped when I saw naked teenage boys! I'd certainly seen naked guys before, but I guess I'd never seen them in a sexual setting like this.I had to put those thoughts off now, however - I had to compete in a challenge for $250,000. And I might need all my stamina to succeed (or suck seed, lol). And I'd blown that (lol) last night by fucking Bobby. I could only hope he was as worn out as I was! I showered, but since I had only a light stubble, I didn't bother shaving.I put on the clothes that had been left out for me, a pair of 501 jeans and a Brooks Brothers polo shirt, and new socks with my exercise shoes, and headed down the hall to Bobby's door. He came to the door in the incest fozya bbs middle of dressing, and I couldn't help but take lol teens bbs in his cute, slim body. He's shorter and way slimmer than me, and I so wanted to caress that slim, naked chest, and cup his small but solid package, but I felt funny about it - what if it hadn't been Bobby last night? But if not him, who?"Hey, c'mon in," Bobby said. "You're looking rough," he said, referring to my stubble. "I like it.""Uh, thanks," I said. Geez, was this gonna be one of those deals where I had to interpret stuff he said? I have to do that with girls all the time, and I'm not very good at bbs kids cp forum it. "So, how'd you sleep last night?" I asked, then instantly regretted it. Bobby looked at me REALLY sharply, and didn't say anything at first.Finally, imgboard bbs porn though, looking guilty, he said, "What do you mean?""Uh, nothing," I said. Geez, now what? "Just wondering how you teen bbs 101 slept.""Oh. Fine," Bobby said. "Hey, how about breakfast?""Okay," I said. Damn! There went my chance to bring up our fucking last night! Now I'd probably never get a bbs thums chance to see how he felt. Was he sorry that we'd fucked? Did he want to do it more? Did he think I was dark bbs lola a fag, now? WAS I a fag, now? We headed downstairs, and found a generous virgin bbs free pics spread of food waiting for us in the dining room. The host guy greeted us, told us to eat up, `but not TOO much,' and meet him downstairs.Bobby air rifle for bbs and I tucked into the breakfast buffet, and didn't say much, but I caught him sneaking peeks at me when he though I wasn't looking. I did the same nude pre art bbs with him, I admit. When we finished, we headed downstairs and found the open bedroom area all cleaned up from the previous day's fun."Welcome, Eric and Bobby," the host said. "You're here for the finals of our little competition. As I explained yesterday, the winner will walk away with $250,000 and the loser $75,000. I hope that spurs your competitive, uh, juices." He smiled at that. "The winner will be the one who cums inside his partner's lovely asshole fastest, though portal bbs nude I will award points to the partner who shows talent as a `bottom.' porno teens bbs Are there any questions?"Neither Bobby cp girls bbs nor I had any, at least I couldn't think of any, so we headed over to the bedside. Just bbs board pix then I noticed that the three young boys from the previous day were lsm bbs pic standing off to the side, watching us. Noticing my eyes, the host said, "Ah, yes, I hope you don't mind if my three stepsons watch? They earned their allowances yesterday, I promised they bbs extrem sex could watch, especially considering that all had such a strong role in determining the eventual winner."I looked more closely at the 3 boys, and noticed that the young blond who had not gotten fucked yesterday during the competition, was smiling at me, and cupping his crotch. Did he know me? I'm sure I'd never met illlegal top bbs nude him before, though I had been attracted to him yesterday, and I was slightly disappointed when I didn't get a chance to fuck his little rear hole, though his brother's ass had been a nice treat in its place. The other 2 boys were standing next to each other, the dark haired petite teen yo bbs boy Adrik had his hand on Stefan's bbs ls porn pert round ass, Stefan's hand was brushing over Adrik's package, bbs young lola which was getting visibly bigger. They seemed inseparable. "Bobby, I believe I'd like to see you fucking Eric first. Tell Eric how you nude password bbs want him to prepare for his ass fucking, and then I'll start the clock."Bobby looked over at me, but I noticed his eyes had been on the gentle lovemaking between Stefan and Adrik. "Um, okay," Bobby said quickly. "Uh, I'd like Eric on his hands and knees on the bed, please. Uh, naked." I complied by stripping down, first removing my polo shirt over my head, which I admit had a tendency to show off my pretty well developed abdomen and 6 pack. I noticed pretty much everyone there, the 3 young boys, the host, Bobby and a couple of hangers-on were all staring at me. It made me feel pretty good to girlfriend bbs bbs of teenagers be admired.My pants were already starting to tent out - I guess I was turning into an attention whore! I unbuttoned the pants, and slipped them down my hips to the floor, then slipped out of them, wearing only a pair of teen models bbs tented out white jockey shorts. "You can leave those on," Bobby said, so I shrugged, walked over to the bed, and got onto the big bed on my hands and knees.Bobby began stripping down himself until all he was wearing was a similar pair of jockeys, though his were less `expanded' at the front, as his dick was relatively small compared bbs offhost pics to mine. As he approached zeps bbs pictures the candid teen bbs bed, Bobby said, "Scoot down a little more toward the head of the bed," so I did, leaving a space for him at the end of the bed, at my feet and ass. Bobby immediately put his hands on my hips and pulled his face close to my fabric covered bottom. I felt his warm breath on my ass cheeks, and his mouth pressing child girl models bbs against my rounded flesh. Bobby was kissing my ass!I was flattered that Bobby cared enough to show lolta uncensored bbs me this attention. After all, all he was required bbs incest biz to do was fuck me, and fuck me fast, but here he was showing me special attention. My bbs russian hardcore heart warmed at the thought. Bobby was aggressively kissing my ass now, through the thin fabric, and moving closer to the cleft between my ass cheeks. He pressed harder, and his face was buried in my crevice, sniffing and licking my bottom. I grew restive, as he was exciting me beyond belief. "Uhh," I moaned, partly from cp bbs the pleasure I felt, and fashion magazines bbs partly because I asian bbs young wanted to encourage Bobby to lick me deeper.Bobby slipped the thin piece of fabric between my legs to the side, and my pink scrotum and anus were exposed to him. I felt his warm breath, then his wet tongue, as he licked at me back bbs ukraine girls there. I really wanted to flip over and take him in my arms and kiss him, but of course, we were in the middle of a competition, so I avoided that impulse. I could feel Bobby's smooth face, and rough tongue now, buried between my young girls picture bbs ass cheeks - Bobby was going way beyond the needs of the competition now - he was making love to me!I was afraid I'd shoot my load, both from the sensual feel of Bobby's wet tongue wiggling in my ass and from the knowledge that Bobby was in love with me, and showing his love for me. Soon, though, Bobby smoothly slipped my underpants off my hips, exposing my ass bbs pass sex for everyone else to see, and ran his hands all over my smooth, round bottom, then brought his mouth close to my ear and whispered, "Do you want some KY, or is my saliva"I was stunned to hear him whisper the endearment, and whispered back, "Just let me suck on your cock to get it wet, then you can fuck me, okay?" Bobby nodded, then came around bbs thumbnails to the front and, pulling his jockeys down, presented his penis to me, and it slipped into my mouth. Though I had little experience with cock sucking, I'd had my first experience the day before and I knew what to do. I swirled my tongue all around his cute little pecker. Bobby's cock is uncut, so the foreskin covered the head of his rod, though it was fully erect.My lips pressed down hard enough that the foreskin rolled back as he pushed his dick deeper into my mouth, and I wet it as best I could, remembering not to touch his sensitive flesh with my teeth. After a few minutes, I was disappointed to feel Bobby pulling his 4" rod from my mouth, the plump cockhead catching behind my pursed lips momentarily. The taste was fantastic, and I was reluctant to give it up.Bobby went around to my back again, and positioned himself behind me, the plump cockhead ready to enter my anus. The host said, "Ready?" Evidently Bobby nodded, because the host said, "Begin!" simultaneous with Bobby ramming his rod up my ass hole. This was the very first cock I'd ever had up my ass, though I'd often had my own or a girl friend's fingers, or her tongue, up bbs young tgp there from time to time.The feeling was marvelous, though the bbs nude mpeg point when the big bulge of his fat cock head pushing through my sphincter made me jump a little. The feeling of Amateur porn bbs fullness went straight through to my cock, as though his dick was somehow connected to mine. Bobby humped me furiously, sex blog bbs stroking in and out, and I could feel the curls of his pubic hair vombat teens bbs pushing against my exposed ass cheeks as he porked me hard cp bbs thoroughly. "Oh yeah. Fuck me!" I murmured into the pillow, as Bobby's free bbs child enthusiastic pumping pushed me again and again into the goose down."Damn, Eric, you've got a sweet ass, baby!" Bobby exclaimed out loud.I turned my head, and said, more loudly than before, sven bbs lol "Yeah, fuck my hot little ass hole! Fuck my tight hole with your fat cock! Fill my fuckin' boy cunt with your hot load of cum, lover!! Fuck bbs dark collection gallery me good!! Make me your hot little bitch!!" I don't think I would have said stuff like that if the guy fucking me wasn't my best friend - after all, it was in my best interest to see that it took him a long time to cum, since speed was pre lol girls bbs the determining factor in choosing a winner. But this was Bobby, and I think that my love for him overcame that point. Plus, the fucker was REALLY making child bbs pedo me hot!!Well, that Put Bobby right over the top. He started yelling, "Ooh, I'm fuckin' cumming in your hot ass, baby! Fuck! I've got a full load of my creamy cum for your hot hole! Uhh!! FUCK!! I'M SHOOTIN'! FUCK!!" Bobby pressed his crotch hard into my svens bbs gallery ass cheeks, his hairy world pedo bbs pics balls banging against the back of my thighs, and I bd sister bbs link could feel at least 6 or 7 long, thick squirts of his hot cream firing into my rectum, coating me inside with his thick, fluid goodness. I never felt so fulfilled or giving, and warm with contentment and love for Bobby.Bobby slumped against my ass, and we were fully joined in pleasure, as his thick cock slowly deflated. Still filling me, I could feel his dick slowly withdrawing, just as the host said, "9 minutes, 25 seconds." He allowed us to collapse together on the bed, and I pulled Bobby's face over to mine, and kissed him, hard pretty teen pedo bbs and long."Thank you, sunn bbs kds Bobby," I murmured to him."I took a long time, Eric, `cause I love you," he whispered back. I hugged his slim, warm body closer banji bbs to mine, ls models bbs kds my hard cock and bbs free tgp his semi-soft cock mingling together, our balls together as were our lips. Did he know that he'd made my chances of ranchi password bbs winning that much better?After a few minutes, we heard the host say, "Very enjoyable performance. But I must inspect to see 3d incest bbs that Bobby actually came. Please get back up on your knees, Eric." Well, I knew there was little doubt of that - I Pictures sandra bbs could feel Bobby's heavy load leaking out of my ass and down the side of my leg. But I got up, and raised my naked, ravaged ass up high. My butt facing the others, I could feel their eyes riveted to my small, slightly hairy, puckered opening, surrounded by my rounded buttocks, as streams of Bobby's cum pulsed involuntarily out of me, and down the back of my thigh. It made me feel so sexy to know that their were men and boys there, looking at my naked, vulnerable sexy bbs pussy asshole with lust, desiring to bury their tongues and their dicks deep inside me - and maybe I'd let them. God, where were these thoughts coming from? I didn't know - but I liked them.Momentarily, I felt a delicate probing of my sore anus by the pedoworld pics bbs host's tongue. He gently lapped up Bobby's cum, still flowing from my ass, mouthful upon mouthful, and I envied him. I couldn't wait until I would be swallowing load upon load from Bobby's dick. The host lapped at my ass greedily, even licking down along my thigh where Bobby's seed had run. Finally, though, he slowed, then stopped. Smacking his lips, he said, "Yes, indeed, your friend came in your ass. Quite a large load, and very tasty! Are the two of bbs model sexteen you prepared to `turn the tables,' or would you like to rest?"I looked at Bobby, the love shining in his bbs gateway portal dark bbs ls eyes, then to the host, and said, "We'd like to fuck again, now. I've got a big load of my own for his hot little ass." Bobby smiled at me, then rolled over onto his front, and slid his inviting bottom up to my face."Do me anytime, lover," Bobby whispered, and my dick gave a little jerk at the lust in his voice. "Fuck me fast, and hard, please!" he urged me. I wasn't going to rush, at least while the clock wasn't running. sweet hot teens bbs I brought my face between his fragrant ass cheeks, and started lovingly licking Bobby's bottom, his full round cheeks, and the tight hole he'd saved for me, and me alone. But it was there, in his deepest recesses, that I finished, as I ran my tongue deep inside his boyish cunt, wetting him thoroughly to take my cock deep. He pushed his butt back against my face, enjoying the feel of my tongue in his ass.Drooling as much saliva into him as bbs russian sex I could, I removed my mouth from his rear end, not for the last time, I hoped, and knelt between his splayed legs. I quickly brought the arrow shaped head of my dick to that tight lsm pics bbs boy notch, ready to fuck zoo bbs free him hard, and quickly. As my dick was swallowed by his sphincter, I sank deeper into his rectum in one smooth motion, his velvety interior gripping me with love and longing. I could feel every positive emotion I'd ever experienced, flashing through my body, concentrating into the head of my penis, and pouring into his lovely body. In return, I felt his hopes and aspirations flowing back into me, and I knew then, that we'd never be separated, at ls bbs young tgp least emotionally and romantically.I began fucking him in earnest, wanting to make his cum, and mine, the best we'd ever had, even better than last night if I could. We danced a minuet of desire and lust and love, and, too soon, among both Bobby's and my sighs and whispers, I felt my approaching climax overwhelming me. cp lover bbs "Fuck, Bobby, I'm cummin' inside your sweet hole, baby, I'm fillin' your hot cunt with all my love! Here it cums, I'm shootin'- I wanted to hold out longer, let you win, couldn't do it, uhh!! FUCK!! CUMMIN' IN YOU!!! FUCK! YEAH!!""Oh, god, yes!! Fuck me hard and deep, Eric!! Fuck!! I wish you could've fucked child piss bbs me longer - but fuck me, stud!!! FUCK!!" Bobby exclaimed into the pillow. Our bodies twisted together as we came simultaneously, climaxing together, then collapsed into a pile of boy love together on bbs models sex the soft mattress. I held Bobby in my arms, vaguely remembering that the host would want to lick Bobby's ass hole, to verify that I had cum, since I'd obviously beat his time. The bulk of the money would be mine, but I didn't care - I just wanted Bobby.We dozed off, yet the top little kids bbs host didn't come. I felt someone pulling a soft cover over us as we slept, and we dreamed countless dreams of Bobby and I intertwining in ecstasy. Finally, though, I awoke, and I was stretched out, my head in Bobby's lap. He was sitting up, running his fingers fubar62 bbs lightly through my hair. He looked down at me, smiled and said, "The sleeper wakes." I looked around, but the others were gone."Bobby, I , um, love you," I said."I know you do," Bobby said. "I love you, too. Endlessly. And you showed me how much you love me.""Whadda you mean?" I said."How long do you think you fucked me?" Bobby asked."I came really quick," I teen list bbs said. "Probably no more than 5 minutes. And I'm really sorry, too, cuz I wanted YOU to win!""Eric, I was still awake when the host announced your time, but you'd already dozed off. You fucked me for 45 minutes straight. Oh, and 20 seconds." Bobby said, with a grin. I couldn't believe it! I hadn't noticed that the host was still down there with us, and ls nn pedo bbs he walked cp lola bbs over."Yes, it's true my boy, I've never seen anything like it. It was as though the two of you were alone in your own little world. You were banging your little boyfriend there like it was the last fuck teen model bbs list you'd ever have. Quite a performance! Of course, in doing so, you lost and he won, but I don't imagine that means much free bbs pussy to two people as close as you. I am a great judge of people, and cp kiddy bbs I could naked russia bbs have lsmodels free bbs sworn you two weren't lovers before you started, but obviously you've been a couple for sven kds bbs some time-""No sir, we were best friends, but that's all," Bobby interrupted. "But I think we'd like to thank you for forcing the issue," Bobby grinned. I grinned too, and finally the host grinned."Just call me Cupid," he said. "You 2 can stay here for a few more days if you like, you've got the run of the place and all bbs teens message board it has to offer." I looked at Bobby, and we both knew we'd enjoy a little rest and relaxation, in each other's arms."So, what young asian bbs do we do now?" I asked Bobby."Well, the host didn't lick my ass, since you children porn bbs blew the clock anyway," portal sex bbs Bobby said slowly."Roll over," I commanded him.===============Well, that's the end of Part 4, will there be more? That's up to you. If you'd like to let me know what you thought of it, contact me at Thanks, Jeff
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